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The Compact offers great space for staging for a clutter free, elegant and practical working area. For such a small building the Compact is packed with many features such as double doors and Elite’s low threshold for easier access making this such a popular choice. The Compact is ideal for courtyards, patios, roof terraces and urban living.  It offers great space for staging and shelves so there is no need for a small space to limit your enjoyment.


All of the Elite Greenhouses accessories are compatible with this model and package deals are available helping you increase the growing potential without breaking your budget.


Size: 4’3” Wide x Unlimited Lengths from 4’5”

4’3” Wide Compact Greenhouse

    • Gutters
    • Door Handles
    • Integral Base
    • Eaves Corners
    • Double Doors
    • Low Threshold
    • High Tensile Nuts & Bolts
    • Roof Vent
    • Double Lock
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