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Lidget Compton - Apex 15 Range

Apex 15
The terracotta colour and the distinctive bold roll tile appearance ensures that the Apex15 is a firm favourite in the range.  With a wide range of options and upgrades available you can add a touch of individuality to your building and make it unique.

  • Unique bold roll terracotta roof tile adds character

  • Brick and stone unique wall finish improves looks

  • Stronger panels give longer life

  • RealBrick front posts enhance "kerb appeal"

  • Special Package Offers save money

  • Maintenance Free PVCu windows, doors & fascias look great and saves time

The Lidget Compton 10 Year Guarantee
It isn't a hard decision, we make the best concrete garages in the UK, our costs are rock solid, and if your garage is not still standing within 10 years, we'll rebuild it for you.  That's the Lidget Compton Guarantee.


Apex 15 Gallery

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