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Choosing Your Elite Product

The initial selection process relates to size,  Elite advise you to purchase the largest building you can accommodate.

4' wide (Compact & Maxim), 5' wide (Streamline & Delta), 6' wide (Craftsman, High Eave & Strata), 7' wide (Vantage), 8' wide (Belmont)
GX and Titan also available in 6' and 8'

Elite buildings are modular, each increasing in increments of 2', therefore the length is unlimited allowing you to tailor each greenhouse to your own requirements.

Unless otherwise stated, all buildings must have a base of some description, whether it be timber, aluminium or brick, to allow the door(s) to slide in the over hanging bottom track. See our Bases page for more information.



Elite offer 3 styles of glazing material on most models:

  • Horticultural Glass - Available in 3mm thick overlapping glass sheets.

  • Toughened Glass - In the event of a breakage, the glass granulates removing any danger of injury. Elite only use Grade A toughened glass to Standard EN12150 which is primarily in full length sheets providing a neater finish, especially with bar capping, and removes any overlapping glass where algae and moss can often be a problem.

  • Polycarbonate - UVI treated, twin wall with silvered edges and, like the toughened safety glass, it comes in full sheets and is a great option where children and pets are concerned. Elite offer 6mm thick on every model with the exception of the iGro which is 4mm.

Remember, when handling any type of glass the upmost care must be taken as it is extremely fragile when not in situ. Always protect your hands and eyes when handling glass and we advise that safety gloves and goggles are worn.


Powder Coating

  • High class, hard wearing, professional powder coated finish

  • Available in nine attractive colours – Green, Graphite, Black, White, Brown or Terracotta, Stone, Olive or Berry

  • Co-ordinate with your garden environment

  • Has been thoroughly tried and tested and has been available to Elite customers for over 20 years

  • Environmentally friendly way of applying colour to aluminium unlike wet paint which requires the use of solvents

  • Most aluminium accessories can also be powder coated to suit your greenhouse

  • A good depth of colour

  • The frame is resistant to corrosion, UV degradation and offers a life expectancy in excess of 25 years

  • All Elite’s frames are individually wrapped in polythene and labelled for added protection during transportation and storage.

  • Elite provide nut caps with all powder coated models and accessories to give a nice, clean, professional finish to your product by covering up any unsightly nuts and bolts.

Bar Capping

Bar Capping provides a stronger hold for the glazing and adds a decorative finish to any greenhouse. The rubber fin also adds a better water seal between the frame and glass. Capping is used in addition to wire clips so in effect will add double protection which is ideal in more exposed areas. The capping is simply screwed into position using colour coded screws which do not leave any unsightly silver screw heads on show.

Elite Greenhouses Gallery

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